Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sleuthing Sundays - Nancy Drew 30

"Nancy ought to go as the Queen of Mystery," Bess remarked.  "I'll bet it won't be long before she's in the midst of another case."  p.177
Nancy gets involved in a mystery surrounding some party thieves.  A gang is going around posing as guests and stealing the valuables from the hosts.  The owner of the party planner business is about to get sued and it's up to Nancy to clear his name and catch the bad guys.
Honestly, this one was a little too easy.  It was immediately obvious, more so than her other mysteries, who was going to end up being the thief and I was surprised.  Nancy took forever, it seemed, to figure it out and get cracking on it. 
And George was kidnapped and threatened and she completely freaks out, which is a very normal reaction, and everyone is worried and Nancy still won't give up the case because she just has this compulsion to find out.  But since Nancy is never phased by being knocked out or kidnapped or threatened, she thinks no one else should be.  But the weird thing was that the threats made weren't that bad and I was surprised by George's reaction.


  1. I used to love Nancy Drew as a kid. It would be so fun to read one now. I'm inspired.

  2. @Tesoro - Enjoy! They are still fun books.


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