Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Stepsister Scheme (Princess Novels #1)

Danielle (aka Cinderella) has married her prince and is living happily ever after. That is until her stepsisters decided to take revenge on her for messing up their plans. They kidnap her husband and take him to Fairytown and try to assassinate her. It's up to Danielle and the Queen's "special forces," Talia (Sleeping Beauty) and Snow (White), to help her rescue her prince.

The stories of the princesses is based on the old school stories, not the cleaned up for the kids versions you hear today so expect some darker tones. You don't have to know exactly how those stories go, but I knew what had really happened to them before it was explained in the book. I wasn't sure how much I was going to like this book, but I raced through it. I loved how the princesses are portrayed and how Talia is such a badass. I loved the little details like Snow's snowflake shaped throwing disc and her mirror magic. And I loved how the dwarfs are fitted into the story. This was definitely a good read and I can't wait for the next book, The Mermaid's Madness.

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