Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sabriel - The Old Kingdom series (audio)

Sabriel lives in a world divided in two, one is Ancelstierre where there is no magic and the other is the Old Kingdom which is full of magic and the dead. Her father is Abhorsen whose life purpose is to send the dead back to death and make sure they stay there. Sabriel is at boarding school in Ancelstierre when she receives her father's bells and his sword. She knows this means something has happened to him so she ventures into the Old Kingdom to find his body and try and save him. Along the way she is joined by the servent of Abhorsen, Mogget, a mysterious cat whose identity and power is unknown, and Touchstone, a free magic mage whose past is also myterious. Together, they travel deeper into the Old Kingdom to rescue Sabriel's father and defend an old evil.

One of the reason I wanted to listen to this book was because Tim Curry is the narrator. There are some people I would be willing to listen read the phonebook and he is one of them. I am also a big Garth Nix fan so I figured the combination would be a good one and I was right. I really liked Sabriel although the landscape descriptions were a little long for an audiobook. I especially liked Mogget, the cat who knows everything, and I'm interested in learning his true background which I'm sure will be explained in the sequels. Sabriel was really cool too, a strong independent woman.

This is just a side note, but when I read I tend to "see" the action in my head. It's like a little movie that plays in my head. Most books play out like live action movies but, for some reason, Sabriel was an anime in my head. The tone and style of the book just feel anime to me and I wish that if they made it a movie, they would make it anime. It would be spot-on.


  1. This one sounds a bit too fantastical to me. Even with Tim Curry reading, I might have a hard time with it. I do love Tim Curry, though. Clue is still one of my all time favorite movies. :)

  2. Amanda - It is definitely a fantasy and a darker one at that.

  3. You're right about it being dark - I'd hesitate to call it a zombie book, but really, what else are you going to call those Dead creatures?
    Love this book. Great review!

  4. I loved this book, really cool. My copy has different cover to the one you posted though. Garth Nix is a brilliant writer! Nice review.


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