Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fragile Eternity

Seth is a mortal who is in love with the Queen of the faery Summer Court, Aislinn. He is vulnerable and weak compared to her and he will die one day while she will live eternal. Added to this strain is the Summer King to whom Aislinn feels an irrevocable pull and an upheaval among the faery courts that is slowly leaning toward war. How will Seth and Aislinn stay together when there is so much pulling them apart?

**SPOILERS if you haven't read these **


Fragile Eternity is the the third book in the Wicked Lovely series. The first book, Wicked Lovely, was about Aislinn and the Summer King. The second book, Ink Exchange, followed Aislinn's friend Leslie and the Dark Court King, Irial and the Summer Court advisor Niall. Ink Exchange is considered a companion novel and Fragile Eternity is the direct sequel to Wicked Lovely. Wicked Lovely started all the action and I find that Ink Exchange and Fragile Eternity are books that set all the characters in the right places for the grand finale. What I liked about Ink Exchange was the insight into the Dark Court's nature and the growth of the character Bananach. I like the relationship that was explained between her and her sister, the High Queen Sorcha in Fragile Eternity. I liked that they were twins bound to each other but both representing extreme aspects of emotion and nature.

Frankly, though, I got a little tired of Aislinn's whining and the continued reminder that she was joined to the Summer King and felt a pull towards him. Yeah, I got that, let's move on. It made it harder to relate to Seth's devotion to her and his willingness to give up his mortality, his humanness for her. I really like Niall, the Dark Court King and I prefer him there instead of in the Summer Court. Really, that was the whole point of Ink Exchange in my view, to get Niall into the position as the Dark King. And the whole point of Fragile Eternity was to make Seth a faery and set up the coming war and Bananach and her sister's own conflict.


  1. This series looks great, though I skipped reading your random thoughts so I wouldn't get spoilers. I'll have to come back for this one. :D

  2. I planned to read the third, but read your spoilers anyway. Totally agree about books one and two, so my guess is I probably won't disagree about the third book either. Love INK EXCHANGE and am sure it will remain my favorite!

  3. You know, I didn't say it, but Ink Exchange is really the Empire Strikes Back for this series. Darker, less optimistic.

  4. I agree with J.Kaye, you were spot on with the first two books. I am sure I will feel the same about the 3rd,

  5. Thanks for the review. I am planning on reading this eventually. I loved Ink Exchange so much, but hear that Fragile Eternity is a disappointment.


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