Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Forest of Hands and Teeth

Mary lives in a village in the midst of The Forest of Hands and Teeth where the Unconsecrated live hungering for the flesh of the living. When her mother chooses to become a zombie after losing her husband to the forest, Mary is sent to live with the Sisters who hold the knowledge of the Return and the Unconsecrated. But Mary longs for ocean which she learned of from her mother's stories and wants to find a way out of the Forest and to a different life.

Normally I'm not about zombie stories. I don't usually watch zombie movies or read books about them. But I heard a lot about this book and good things at that. I was briefly reminded of the movie The Village but soon those comparison were gone as we started running away from the zombies. Mary was a little tedious for me as she kept lusting after Travis through the whole book and wouldn't shut up about the damn ocean. But it was the thing that kept her going so whatever works I guess. The ending was fine, but I wished there would have been more background. Like how the village ended up in the middle of the forest, why there was a zombie infection in the first place, how other people survived, etc? I have a lot of unanswered questions. I wish there would be a prequel or something. I enjoyed it and read it really fast, but I'm a somewhat disturbed by it.


  1. There is going to be a second book coming out called The Dead-Tossed Waves - so I'm hoping we'll get more answers in the second book. They're already going to make a movie out of this first book though - craziness. :)

  2. Yeah, I didn't want a sequel until SPOILER FOR ANYONE ELSE she meets the guy at the beach at the end and he tells her they used up the path and that's why there are all those empty doors. END SPOILERS. That really intrigued me, life outside the forest. I'm looking forward to the next part.

  3. I definitely had some weird dreams after reading the first book. :) Now I kind of want some more zombie books. Someone told me Sabriel has zombies in it. I did also just get Zombie Queen of Newbury High from the library. Maybe I'll bump that up on my list.

  4. Kristen - Sabriel does have zombies of a sort. They are called the Dead but they don't eat people or anything. Very good book, you should read it. I'm on the second one, Lirael.

    I'm can't wait for the Dead-Tossed Waves. I need some answers!

  5. I'm glad to hear from some others here that there will be another book coming out. I also just reviewed this book over at my blog. I'm usually annoyed by the things I don't know, but in this case, it's what kept me flipping pages. Usually, I get annoyed by all the details that are not adequately explained to me, but since this was told in first person, from Mary's POV, I decided that she was a bit clueless and so then are we. This book scared me to death!

    Well, just thought I'd jump in here too, since I just finished this one over the weekend! Can't wait for the next one to come out.


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