Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nancy Drew 51

"Nancy's hunches usually turn out to be right, but at times" -he paused- "she has some harrowing experiences before drawing her mystery to a conclusion!" p.137
Ned is kidnapped!  And Nancy kind of freaks for a minute, then gathers her wits together along with her friends and sets out to find me.  No crazy nut-job is going to steal her "special friend" and get away with it!  That's for darn sure.  Along the way there is this weird glowing eye at a museum that factors in as well as Nancy dragging her friends into swamps and making friends with a helicopter pilot who flies her around.  Nancy is determined to find Ned.  It's nice to see that Nancy cares very much for him because half the time he seems to be only good for sleuthing but she really freaks out a couple of times while he is kidnapped. 

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