Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nancy Drew 48, 49, 50

The Crooked Banister (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #48)
"You always start out solving mysteries with the idea you'll be perfectly safe and you always end up getting into hot water." p.3
Nancy gets involved in a mystery involving a crazy house with a robot.  Investigating a swindler (of course) she, Bess, and George travel to a town where the swindler lived.  There they deal with the crazily built house with a fire moat and a robot set to stun.  It is a pretty interesting mystery and involves something a bit different than her usual stuff.

The Secret of Mirror Bay (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #49)
"...but sometimes Nancy becomes too enthusiastic and runs into danger."  p.91
Nancy goes to a camp at Mirror Bay with her friends and her Aunt Eloise.  There they solve the mystery of the gliding woman who seemingly walks on water and the mystery of a missing antique child's carriage.  She also becomes involved with a haunted forest and a mysterious sorcerer. 

The Double Jinx Mystery (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #50)
The woman looked a bit startled that such a lovely and wholesome girl would be trying to track down a criminal, but she made no comment and said good-bye. p.93
Nancy and her father are jinxed with an underhanded construction company tries to condemn a man's property including his aviary and zoo.  Nancy will not let it stand however and tries to prove that the mysterious going-ons are the result of the company.  Along the way she and Ned contract bird flu and have other unfortunate things happen to them.

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