Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2011 E-Book Challenge - COMPLETE

This year the E-Book challenge is hosted by The Ladybug Reads and part of what I want to do next year is get more of my books from the library in digital form for my Nook which I love very much.  Last year I did the 6 e-books level so this year I'm upping the ante and doing  Addicted – Read 12 e-books The challenge runs from January 1 - December 21, 2011.  I'll list here as I go.


1.   Slice of Cherry by Dia Reeves
2. Once in a Full Moon Ellen Schreiber
3. Bright Young Things Anna Godbersen
4. Savannah Grey Cliff McNish
5. The Grimm Legacy Polly Shulman
6. Something New P.G. Wodehouse
7. Mother Carey's Chickens Kate Douglas Wiggin
8. The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group Catherine Jinks
9. Queens of all the Earth Hannah Sternberg
10. Spying in High Heels Gemma Halliday
11. Cinderella, Ninja Warrior Maureen McGowan
12. Sleeping Beauty, Vampire Slayer Maureen McGowan


  1. I'm doing this too! Except my device of choice is Moo Moo... my Kindle! ^^

    I need a better name...

  2. @ComaCalm - My Nook is named Deep Thought after the computer in Hitchhiker's Guide :)

    @Juju - Thanks! I love Christmas!

  3. Thanks for joining! This is going to be a fun challenge, I think.

  4. I will be there too! I have a nook and a Kindle.

  5. @La Coccinelle - It definitely will be fun :)

    @SenoraG - *high five*

  6. Its my first time hearing about this challenge so I might decide to join too.


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