Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nancy Drew 43

The Mystery of the 99 Steps (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories 43)
The two officers stared at the girls unbelieving.  Finally both grinned at Nancy and one said, "I must admit you do have a good detective instinct, Mademoiselle Drew, and your friend here too.  Perhaps you three girls can give us some more help."  p.129/130
Nancy is off to France to help to solve a mystery revolving around a neighbor's dream and the 99 Steps.  Also involved are a forger who seems to be everywhere and a frightened financier who Mr. Drew is investigating.  Will Nancy solve this mystery while traveling around France speaking fluent French, meeting handsome French men, and eating delicious French food and giving informative French lessons?  Oui.

This was a standard Nancy in a European coutry mystery.  Too bad she can't just go to Europe in one trip and solve all the mysteries at once.   It would save flight time.  Though how lucky are Bess and George to have befriended Nancy Drew.  They get to go on all these trips and adventures and rarely have to pay for anything.  Where is my Nancy Drew!?

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