Saturday, October 16, 2010

Off the Shelf Challenge - COMPLETED

Bookish Ardour’s Reading Challenges is hosting the Off the Shelf ChallengeThis challenge is to read those books you own copies of, but have never got around to reading. If you don't have many that you own, but have a massive TBR shelf you're welcome to read those ones as long as you don't add new ones.  It runs from Januaray 1 to December 31, 2011.   There are multiple levels but I'm joining at the Trying – Choose 15 books to read level.  I'll list as I go.

1.  Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters - Natalie Standiford
2.  Deeply, Desperately - Heather Webber
3.  Wicked Appetite - Janet Evanovich
4.  Lucy Unstrung - Carole Lazar
5.  Savannah Grey - Cliff McNish
6.  The Atlantis Complex - Eoin Colfer
7.  Behemoth Scott Westerfeld
8.  Matched Ally Condie
9.  Huntress Malinda Lo
10. Department 19 Will Hill

Finished at the Tempted Level (5 books). On that same note, I feel like jumping from 5 to 15 is not a good way for reading challenges to go.  It's a huge jump reading-wise.


  1. This is something I really should participate in, but I just feel so overwhelmed by how many books I own!! Perhaps this would be a good thing for me, simply to stop me buying more books!! I'll think about it, thank you for sharing :)

  2. Thanks for taking part in the challenge and I look forward to seeing what you read.

  3. I will join you on this challenge. I have been thinking about what challenges I wanted to set up for next year. Here are some of the books I will be reading.
    01. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
    02. Under the Dome
    03. Woman in White
    04. - 10 Harry Potter series
    11. Wolf Hall
    12. Kingdom of Ohio
    13. Angelology
    I have several others on my shelves but I am still trying to decide. I will keep you posted. Char Blessings of Peace

  4. I've just joined this challenge too and am aiming to read 15 books as well. :D

  5. Have you seen my 350 Page Books Challenge for 2011? You should sign up!

  6. Good luck! I think that challenges are a great way to give ourselves a concrete goal! Can't wait to see which ones you pick!


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