Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mostly Good Girls by Leila Sales

Violet is trying her best to be the best at school and in life while her best friend Katie moves along almost effortless at their elite private school.
Lolly could define a metaphor in her sleep, but goddamn it she wouldn't recognize one if it galloped up and punched her in the stomach.  ARC p.71
I may over identify with Violet because I loved her and she is so much like me as a teenager and to some extent me as an adult.  But really what I can identify with most is her relationship with her best friend, Katie.  It reminded me so very much of me and my best friend, the easy way of talking; of having a conversation that doesn't sound like a conversation to the rest of the world because there is actually no need to finish a thought or a sentence.  The other one already knows what you are talking about.

Violet and Katie are so exactly right and so very much like me and my best friend that when I realized that this was going to be partly a "friendship" book, I grew uneasy.  I didn't want Violet and Katie to fight and "break up" as happens so much in a friendship book.  I wanted them to be best friends forever.  But even given my reservations, I completely loved this book.  I loved the humor which made me laugh out loud so many times.  I loved Violet and Katie.  I even liked the vignette-style of storytelling which was an interesting way to get all the details in without bogging down the story.  It gave a very clear picture of the school and the girls that attend it and provided a lot of insight into Violet's character.

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Published October 2010
Hogwarts: Muggle Studies


  1. Sounds fun! I always like a book that can make me laugh out loud.

  2. Silly question: What's vignette-style?

  3. @Juju - Like short scenes instead of one long narrative


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