Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin

Phoebe befriends the odd Mallory when they are 12 and six years later they are still best friends.  When Mallory long lost brother comes home and Phoebe is instantly drawn to him, Phoebe enters a downward spiral of self-doubt.  Because it seems that Ryland is feeding that self-doubt for a purpose.
She knew she would always be loved.  But that was not what Phoebe had been talking about, when she said her mother had expectations of her.    p.58 ARC
The thing about this book is that it is almost completely upfront about what Mallory and her brother are, which is to say fairies.  They are targeting Phoebe for some reasons and that is the mystery.  What is it about Phoebe that they need and what do they need her to do?  It is an spell-binding question and the answer is fairly surprising.  Throughout is the theme of ordinary and extraordinary.  What makes someone extraordinary?  And if a person is born of two extraordinary people, then shouldn't they be extraordinary too?

The writing is reminiscent of Impossible, Werlin's other book that I enjoyed.  Very slow and dream-like, something that complements the fantasy of the story.  There isn't a lot of action.  The story unfolds a little at a time with hints here and there as to the nature of what the fairies need from Phoebe.  I found myself loving Phoebe and even Mallory, hating Ryland, and frustrated with what they both do to Phoebe.  It was sad and yet the ending was spot-on.

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  1. I've wavered on this book. I did like Impossible, but I'm not usually fond of fairy stories, so I'm not sure if I'll dive into this one. Maybe i'll wait until her next endevour.

  2. Ooo I agree with your take on Impossible and look forward to trying this one :)

  3. @Amanda - It's sort of like Impossible where it's about fairies but fairies are not the focus.

    @Juju - I hope you like it.


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