Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sleuthing Sundays - Nancy Drews 35

The Haunted Showboat (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #35) (e-book)

"Hypers!" cried George, using her favorite expletive.  "It worked.  Nancy, you're a brain child."  p.26 (e-book)
Nancy, Bess and George head to New Orleans to solve a mystery for Bess and George's uncle.  He wants to move and restore an old showboat but mysterious things happen to it every time it is fixed.  It's up to the girl detective to figure out what is going on.

I was excited that Nancy was headed down to New Orleans.  After a very rough trip down where her car was stolen and then someone tries to kill them a couple of times, Nancy and her friends finally make it down to the Crescent City in time for Mardi Gras.  Nancy sets about her task of solving this mystery fairly quickly but is stymied by Bess and George's cousin's fiancé.  Nancy doesn't let that get her in way though!  Of course, not.  

I was a bit stunned, I must admit, by the servants of the Havers (the relatives) and Uncle Rufus, the voodoo preacher.  They are such stereotypical "Negro" characters that I was embarrassed by their appearance.  It was written in 1957 when I guess such things weren't so off-limits but I wish it was different.  Other than that, it was an okay book.  I like how Mardi Gras is described.  It was so different back then and I like all the information about New Orleans that is included though the part about the levees made me laugh.

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  1. You are making great headway with this challenge! I have to admit I've given up on almost all mine that I have left. I'd say things were way different when this book was written.


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