Friday, October 15, 2010

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (audio) by J.K. Rowling

So much happens in this book, but I'm going to ramble on a bit. Order of the Phoenix is one of my favorites plot-wise but not Harry-wise.  I mean I always like Harry, but he is rather tedious in this book.  It's very realistic and all, but it's hard when the main character is a prat half the time.

It is a much more depressing book on the whole.  I still cry when Sirus dies though.  How is it when you can read a book multiple times and still cry when a character dies?  That's a really good book.  It just a really long book.

Oh and Umbridge.  I hate her so much.  She is really the most evil person.  At least Bellatrix shows her crazy to the world and they know what they are dealing with.  Umbridge pretends to be sweet and caring but she is more vicious than some of the Deatheaters.  And that quill.  Oh my!  Every time that still gets to me.  I hate her so much.  But the Weasley twins are so awesome in this book.  They are definitely two of my favorite characters.

**An aside** If you haven't seen or heard of Mark Reads Harry Potter I suggest you check him out.  He is reading all of the Harry Potter books with almost no knowledge of what happens in the series and reviewing each book chapter-by-chapter.  It is so funny to see his reactions and remember back when I first read the books and how I reacted to each thing.  He is on Deathly Hallows now, but it's worth reading his reviews of the other books.**

Hogwarts: Harry Potter


  1. Ooh! I just saw the new background! :D

    I love this book, but I didn't like it so much the first time I read it. I didn't like Harry, and I really didn't like Sirius. Now that I've read it a bajillion times, I understand Harry better, but I still dislike Sirius, which is sad because I loved him in book 3. But I still love this book. I don't cry when Sirius dies, but I cry both when Mrs. Weasley tackles the bogart and when we meet Neville's parents.

    And the humor!! I love Luna Lovegood!! She's so awesome. And the twins. This book was so much better than the books before it in subtlety and language and character development. It's still not my favorite book (I like the 6th and 3rd more) but I still love it!

  2. @Amanda - I forgot about Mrs. Weasley and the bogart. Yeah, I cry at that part too. I really can't decide which is my favorite though.

    @Juju - I know, right?

  3. I also cry when Sirius dies but the most surprising thing for me is that every time I'm reading it I'm looking for solutions that would save Sirius. I'm thinking about the mirror and what if Harry used it, and what if he went to Snape and so on. Weird, isn't it? This is the only book where I cannot accept the death of someone. I think maybe because it is written like that.
    Your blog is fantastic, by the way :D

  4. @Kovgab - Thanks!
    I think it is that he means so much to Harry and Harry has a hard enough life as it is. Or something.


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