Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Best Halloween Ever by Barbara Robinson

Another holiday with the Herdmans!  This time they are ruining Halloween for everyone leading the adults to cancel trick or treating and instead do a "safe" Halloween at the school.  But is any effect really safe from the Herdmans?
The only good thing about it was that it would be Herdman-free, which, according to Alice, was the whole idea in the first place.  p.52 
So cute! I really love The Best Christmas Pageant Ever so I thought I'd try another one of the Herdman books.  It was very fun and funny and as usual the Herdmans make everything more interesting for the narrator and the whole town.  I love how even when the adults try to take the fun out of a holiday the Herdmans will put it back in, though I don't support their behavior that lead to Halloween being "taken away" in the first place.  But they manage to make it ok for the kids again.  Though not quite as charming at Best Christmas Pageant Ever, it was still full of the fun and quirkiness that comes with a Herdmans book.

Hogwarts: Charms


  1. Wow, I hadn't thought about The Best Christmas Pageant Ever in ages, and I didn't even realize there was a Halloween version!


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