Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sleuthing Sundays - Nancy Drew #10, #11, #12

Her Interactive has a line of video games for your PC of which I've only played one game, The Secret of the Old Clock and it was fun.  Last Christmas I got The White Wolf of Icicle Creek for the Wii and I still haven't beaten it.  I need to get on that.  I feeling inspired now after reading all these Nancy Drews.  Anyway, they are fun games.  I recommend checking them out.

Password to Larkspur Lane (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories 10)
"You attract mystery like nectar in a flower attracts a bee, Nancy."
Nancy has a mystery literally fall into her lap when an injured messenger pigeon falls from the sky.  The pigeon is carrying a mysterious message that attracts Nancy's curiosity.  That plus a story from a doctor about an old lady being held captive and her bracelet as a clue involves Nancy in a dangerous mystery.
Also Helen Corning lives!  She's Helen Archer now, but since she and Bess and George cannot live in the same plane of existence she doesn't stick around.  She introduces a mystery to Nancy at her grandparent's house and then leaves the girl detective to solve it.  Honestly, so far, this was my least favorite.  The series of coincidences is this book are almost too much even for a Nancy Drew.  Also it turns out that in the original 1933 version Helen had a bigger role but since she is married in the 1966 revision she obviously cannot go around sleuthing so her part is regulated to Bess and George.  But still it was nice to see her for a few pages.

The Clue in the Broken Locket (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories 11)
"I just know that any time I undertake a case, I'm apt to run into some kind of a trap." p.109
Nancy is sent to Misty Lake to drop off a key to a cabin and solve the mystery of a phantom boat.  While she is there, she meets Cecily Curtis, a red headed girl engaged to an up and coming pop star with the great name of Nico Van Dyke.  There is also another red head girl who looks just like Cecily running around, a mystery of an old family fortune (of course, there is), identical fraternal twins (yeah, I know), and pirated records.  Apparently there were music pirates back in the olden days.  Who knew?  Thank goodness for Nosy Nancy or none of these mysteries would ever be solved!

The Message in the Hollow Oak (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories 12)
"Nancy, every place you go, it seems as if mysteries just pile up one after another." p. 84
Nancy Drew is asked by a detectives club to solve a mystery that they can't.  Because whereas a group of hardened detectives can't solve the mystery of centuries old missing treasure, an 18 year old with only 11 cases under her belt can.  Then again she's solved other old mysteries before like the one at Shadow Ranch.  So Nancy heads up to Illinois to look for missing treasure and finds a whole lot of trouble.  It seems there is another person looking for it and he will stop at nothing to get it.  Nancy must outwit this man in order to find the treasure hidden in the hollow oak.
There is also a cute subplot about a guy named Art (I know.) who has taken a liking to Nancy but she is so focused on her mystery that she doesn't notice until Ned shows up and there is some jealousy and tension.  As if she even cares about boys when a mystery is afoot.

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