Friday, March 5, 2010

Plum Spooky: A Stephanie Plum Between the Numbers Novel

Stephanie Plum is back in town, along with her sidekick Lula, her Grandma Mazur, and an ever-widening cast of freaks, criminals, deranged felons, and lunatics looking for love. And just when Stephanie thinks her life can't get any more complicated, in walks the mysterious Diesel, a man who seems to show up at the most inconvenient moments. This time, he's the instigator for Stephanie's new adventure, which involves camping in the Pine Barrens with Lula, lots of monkeys, and perhaps even a sighting of the Jersey Devil. . . So turn on all the lights and check under your bed. Things are about to get spooky in Trenton, New Jersey!

This was one of the few Between the Numbers books where a subplot in a Numbers book is finished up.  So if you're wondering what happens to Lulu and Tank the answer is in this book.  I had skipped from Fourteen to Fifteen and so was wondering what happened with the wedding plot, but that situation is cleared up.  So I recommend reading this one between those two.

Anyway,  another fun Stephanie book.  I thought I wasn't going to like the monkey subplot but it turned out pretty funny. I love the ones with Diesel.  He is so funny and so unlike Ranger and Morelli that it makes it fun.  At one point, he calls himself the man of mystery and Stephanie says that no Ranger is the man of mystery.  It's like all the guys have their roles.  But she is always attracted to the alpha male types.  Also it seems like Ranger knows Diesel and vice versa and that is a story I'd like to hear.


  1. LOVE Janet Evanovich.. but I haven't gotten far enough in the books, yet, to be introduced to Diesel. What the heck, Miss Plum? You have two perfectly good men to choose from (Morelli & Ranger). Ack!

  2. I love Stephanie Plum books, and this one was HILARIOUS! Loved the monkey stuff...


  3. I enjoyed this one as well and was glad to find out why Lula and Tank's engagement ended as I had also wondered!


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