Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finger Lickin' Fifteen: A Stephanie Plum Novel (audio)

Lulu witnesses the decapitation of a famous chef and the murders are after her.  Stephanie takes a job helping Ranger find a burgler who is breaking into his security company's clients' houses.  Add in a little Grandma Mazer and a whole lot of BBQ and you have another hilarious Stephanie Plum novel.

This was a nice departure from the usual formula of Stephanie being in a danger.  The focus is switched to Lulu but Stephanie suffers from some collateral damage as a result of always being with Lulu.  The killers are dumb as rocks so the whole book involves a chase right up to the very end.  I also enjoyed the Ranger mystery.  Stephanie isn't dumb.  She is actually very smart and intuitive.  She's just no good as a bounty hunter, but she's an excellent detective.  I like that about her.

Stephanie and Morelli are on a break in this book and she hangs out with Ranger a whole lot.  Which is nice because I like it when she is with Ranger.  But if I was on a break from Morelli, you can bet I'd be sleeping with Ranger first chance I get because damn!  That's a whole lot of sexy.  But she's more cautious than me.


  1. I never saw Steph as cautious! Sounds like a fun installment. I stopped the series around 7 or 8... got a little bored with it, but maybe it's time to come back!

    Misa (main site) (kids/teens site)

  2. My mom loved this book! I agree with you about Ranger-I'd be all over him if I were on a break from Morelli.

  3. Miss Ramirez - Cautious as in men, not in life in general

    Buckeye Girl - I know, right?


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