Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Grimm Legacy (e-book) by Polly Shulman

Because of a history project on the Grimm Brothers, Elizabeth starts working at the New York Circulating Material Repository, a library which loans out material objects rather than books, as a page.  There is she is granted access to the Grimm Collection, a magical collection involving objects collected by the Grimms themselves, not only related to their fairy tales but straight out of them entirely.  Because it turns out the stories which quite made up and that magical objects are extremely powerful and very troublesome...
The stack door opened and an unfamiliar librarian came in.  She was tall and skinny, with glasses and hair in a bun; she looked like a stereotype of a librarian.  She was the first one I'd eve seen who looked like that.  p.42 e-book
The concept of this book is really fun.  You might know how much I love fairy tales and this book was right up my alley. The idea that the magical objects are real is so awesome and I like how they were dangerous too in their own right.  And a lending library of objects, not just magical, but historical and useful made me little librarian's heart flutter.  Really any book set in a library makes me happy, but the idea of this one and how it works is really well thought out and makes me wish I was a librarian there

There are parts that stretch the imagination a bit too much and made me raise an eyebrow and I was less than keen on the boys of the book and how they factored into the story.  I found them off-putting, especially Aaron, the head page.  I waited for him to be a little more umph to justify Elizabeth's interest but I don't feel like I got that.  Elizabeth, though, was a sweet and generous girl, sort of playing out a Cinderella role and she made a good main character.  The adventures that take place really made the book move along and it never stalled.  If you are interested in fairy tales and the Grimm Brothers, then this is a fun book.

Hogwarts: History of Magic


  1. this one sounds really good, thanks for the heads up.

  2. I love the sound of this book and they have to make a movie out of it. :)

  3. @kaye - You're welcome!

    @Nina - It would make a cute movie.

  4. Great review. I've wondered about this one.


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