Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex (audio) by Eoin Colfer

 In the 7th installment of the Artemis Fowl series, Artemis has developed something called The Atlantis Complex, a fairy disease of the mind that induces OCD-like behavior as well as paranoia and multiple personality disorder.  A strange confluence of events leads Artemis, Butler, Holly, Mulch Diggums, and Juliet to the Atlantis City and right into trouble because it seems one of the prisoners is determined to escape.

While I'm a big fan of this series, I was a little less keen on this book.  Artemis is acting different with his Atlantis Complex and I really just wanted the old boy genius back.  I guess it's good to explore different sides of him, but I like devious Artemis Fowl the best.  But still this was a nice addition to the Artemis Fowl story.  It was fun and went at a nice pace.  It's always great to see the gang together and Colfer invents creative ways to get everyone in the same boat so to speak.  Though it's a bit more little literal in this book since they do, in fact, end up in the same actual boat, trying to figure out how the villain's plan worked.

This is the penultimate book in the Artemis Fowl series and I have no idea what the last book will be about.  Opal, maybe.  She is briefly mentioned in this book.  There is no overarching plot that I can remember so I wonder how the series will wrap up.

8 hours, 10 minutes

Nathaniel Parker has narrated all the Artemis Fowl books and I really love the way he does it.  He has a nice voice and has perfected the various voices he uses for all the characters.  Often the way he reads gives me a bit of a Hitchhikers vibe, but maybe that is because Colfer wrote the last book in that series and I have that on my mind.  Anyway, the audio books are a really fun way to enjoy this series.

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  1. I've never listened to an audiobook! This sounds like it would be a cool one to listen to!

  2. Wow, #7?? I think I read the first 3 or 4, so I'm a bit behind. Ive never read an Artemis Fowle book on audio though. Maybe that would be a good way to convince my younger son to give them a try - he tends to rebel against any suggestion his brother and I make! but I know he'd love this series.


  3. I love the Artemis Fowl Audiobooks, Nathaniel does the voices and accents perfectly. I confess I've only listened to the Audios, and purchased the graphic novels of the first two books - which are absolutely brilliant! I love listening to the Audios, especially when I'm cooking or cleaning house, keeps me occupied and entertained at the same time :)


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