Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Adoration of Jenna Fox (audio) by Mary E. Pearson

Jenna Fox spent 18 months in a coma.  When she wakes she finds everything is different.  She's in a new house in a new town and she can't remember most of her life.  But as she begins to explore her new life, she starts to remember her old one and it is very plain that her parents are keeping secrets from her.

I finally got around to Jenna Fox.  I wasn't surprised by what I found frankly.  And I really wanted this book to surprise me.  The first half found me yelling SPOILER She's a freaking AI or something similar because I've read a book before.  But despite my disappointment in the lack of surprise, I actually enjoyed this book.  I like the exploration of the two main questions this book raises: "How far would a parent go to save their child?" and "What makes us human?"  Interesting questions that are often raised in dystopian novels.  It was good that this was written in first person so I got to feel how Jenna felt and understand her thought process.  It's hard to get that in third person so I was glad for the perspective.  I'm actually okay with not being surprised by this book.  And it turned out to be fascinating enough despite being a riff on an old concept.  I'm excited for the next book, The Fox Inheritance, because I think that one might have just as interesting ideas.

7 hours 30 minutes

Sometimes I associated certain voices with certain series and when I hear them somewhere else it throws me off.  I know Jenna Lamia's voice from the Wolves of Mercy Falls series (Shiver, Linger) so I was surprised to find her here.  At first I was not too happy with her voice for this book.  It is too slow and languorous.  But in the end I found myself agreeing (with myself) that her voice worked perfectly fine for Jenna, though I still wouldn't have mind if she had speed it up a bit.  Even in the urgent parts of the book, she still reads too slow.  But she has a nice clear voice and she does a great job of making the characters sound distinct.

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