Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sleuthing Sundays - Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries ( TV show)

I discovered the 1978/1979 Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries TV series a few years back when my library bought them on DVD.  Since I like old stuff, I took them home.  And honestly I didn't watch any of the Hardy Boys mysteries.  I"m sure they are fine and all, but having never read the books I wasn't particularly interested in their episodes.  I DID, however, watch the Nancy Drew episodes.  And I really liked them.  Pamela Sue Martin does a great job with Nancy and the first season is really very good.  The mysteries are standard Nancy Drew.  Nancy's main friends are George and Ned and Bess isn't really involved.  Subsequently, George takes on qualities ascribed to both girls and it balances out the character more.

The second season is a little weird though.  Most of the mysteries are Hardy Boys mysteries and Nancy only helps out.  I wasn't too fond of this, but it seems they were phasing out Nancy Drew since Martin was leaving the show as in the third season it is all Hardy Boys episodes.  So I don't really care for those two seasons.  The first is by far the best for Nancy Drew fans.  All the season are available on DVD and Netflix even streams them so now I have them available all the time!


  1. These are my 12-year old son's FAVORITE DVDs!! Of course, he likes the Hardy Boys' episodes best. we have both seasons,and, even though he's seen all the episodes several times, these are still the DVDs he chooses on sick days.

    I love it because I remember watching these on TV when they originally appeared. I was a teenager but loved Nancy Drew books...and I had a crush on Parker Stevenson and had his picture hanging in my locker!

    Great shows.


  2. @Sue - A boy after my own heart!


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