Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Alive and Well in Prague, New York

Matisse is dragged to a small town in upstate New York when her father's Parkinson disease starts getting worse.  She is unhappy to leave her friends and her way of life in New York City, but mostly she is unhappy with dealing with her father's condition.
I stomped out of the kitchen.  It's great to know that your mother is amused by an attempt on your life.  p.17
I felt really bad for Matisse.  Everything around her is changing and she has no choice in the matter.  And her beloved dad is shuffling around the house dealing with his disease and his depression.  And her mother is pretending that everything is ok.  As a teenager, Matisse feels like she has no control over anything and then she is stuck in a "hick" town that has none of the sophistication she is used to.

I like how she tries to gain control by picking friends and trying to find a boyfriend.  Like these things will give her some control and make her feel better.  Luckily she picks the right friend, unluckily she picks the wrong boy.  But Matisse has some self-respect and knows how to handle herself so it was nice to see a strong female protaginsit in a YA.

Hogwarts: Muggle Studies
What's in a Name


  1. This has a very pretty cover. :) I'm glad to see it has a strong female protagonist too!

  2. @Amanda - It was a nice change.

  3. Cool review. Lovely cover. Sounds so sad.

  4. @Juju - Aw. Thanks.
    It kind of is sad.


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