Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nook ereader (vlog)

So I made a video about my Nook. It ended up being a little long, but let me know what you think.  Sorry about how blurry some of it came out.

And, of course, some new features just came out after I made this, like games and an abbreviated web browser and a few other neat things.

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  2. (I told him to stay away... So I don't know what he did here.. sorry @MJandersen)

    I do have questions though!! Have you played with the Kindle at all? Seen the difference between them?

    My bf and I are thinking about getting one, and the battery info is a great selling point for him!

    Is it easy to read on? It looked dim (the pages part) on the video, but that might just be the transferring from real life to video.

    You said you had pics of your son on it, so does that mean it has like an iPod feel where you can plug it in to the computer and "sync" things to it?

    Great point about taking it on vacation! I SWEAR! I pack 1/2 my suitcase with books. lol. :D

  3. @Amber

    Yes, it comes with a USB port plug and an A/C adapter so you can personalize it. That's how I got the library e-books and the e-books I bought from other places on it.

    I haven't actually played with a Kindle, but I know my mother-in-law's Sony doesn't hold a charge as long and she can't read it while it's plugged in.

    The reading (pages) part isn't backlit so it's only as bright as a regular book page which is a little bit of a drawback.

  4. Very cool. I've often wondered. I'm a Kindle girl.


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