Thursday, April 22, 2010

Graceling (audio)

I've reviewed Graceling before, but I felt like listening to it after reading Fire recently.  So I'm just going to say a few words about the audio book.

First of all, it is done by Full Cast Audio so there are actors for each person and the main narrator is David Baker and he does an excellent job.  Everyone does an excellent job and I really felt the emotion in each scene, more so than even just reading it.  So that was great.  I really like audio books with full casts.  It adds more interest to the story.

Second, they add music to the story which always adds drama to a story.  I love sound effects in audio books and while there weren't any per se in Graceling there was some appropriate music interspersed through the story.

So thumbs up for the Graceling audio book and for Full Cast Audio for doing an excellent job.  Now I need to see if they've done an audio of Fire!

Hogwarts: Defence Against the Dark Arts


  1. I have an audiobook of Fire, but haven't listened to it yet because I don't have Graceling. I hope mine is a full cast recording though!

  2. I have been wanting to read Graceling, and I have just decided to begin listening to audio books, so I have a question, should I read it or listen to it? Which do you think is better?

  3. @Jan von Harz
    I would say that it was definitely worth listening to, but either way it is a good book. If you are just starting to listen to audio books, Graceling would be a good place to start.

  4. We love audio books, and I've never heard any done by Full Cast Audio. Sounds wonderful!

    We'll have to look for those.


  5. Anita Shreve's Testimony is like that. It makes it a really good listen.

  6. Sue - I hope you can find one b/c they are really well done.

    Brooke - Cool!

  7. I'm jealous of all the audio books you get to listen too. That would be the ONE reason I'd like a longer commute.


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