Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sleuthing Sundays - Nancy Drew 15

I only managed one book for this week.  I'm got a book for a book tour and then I had a couple that I just had to read so anyway... That's okay.

Nancy's friends really have nothing better to do with their time and money than follow her around.  Even the guys never seem to go to school, though they always have time to play football. 

The Haunted Bridge (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #15)

No matter how many mysteries Nancy had solved, her friends never ceased to be amazed each time.  p.180
Nancy is staying at a resort with her friends, Bess and George, playing golf and having fun.  The only nuisance is a man who has taken an interest in Nancy.  Her father asks Nancy to help him solve a case that has been puzzling New York City detectives.  There is a gang of jewel thieves running around and Nancy is asked to find a woman who might be the key to the whole operation.
There is also the puzzle of a haunted bridge at the golf resort and a missing young woman from the area.  Nancy gets involved with this mystery by accident, but, of course, the young detective does her best to wrap it all and up and still have time to participate in a golf championship.  Guess how she does.

Also let me point out that if Nancy had done what George did then she would have been right and it would have wrapped up some part of the mystery.  Nancy doesn't make mistakes and she is such a great judge of character.  Bess and George, on the other hand, well, they are always in some sort of trouble though George comes in handy on occasion with her knowledge of judo.  Bess is just there for the eats.

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  1. Well, yeah, there's ALWAYS time for Football.

    I like that it's always football season... :D


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