Wednesday, April 21, 2010

13 to Life

Jessica has been having a hard time lately.  And now she has to show around the annoying new kid, Pietr.  But as dislike turns into something more, Jessica must contend with a best friend's crush on him, his unusual family and his dangerous secret.
I'd read enough romance books parading as paranormals to have stumbled across dozens of descriptions of roguish smiles.  They all paled in comparison to the dangerous twist of Max's lips. p.59 ARC
13 thoughts about 13 to Life:

1. Wow. I've been reading a lot of werewolf books lately.  It must be some sort of theme month for me or something.  Anyway, it was nice to read a more straightforward take on werewolves.  I mean I don't mind alternate takes or anything but this was more traditional which was nice.

2.  This was a very genre-savvy book.  It had a lot of little moments in it that made it obvious that the characters knew how to plan in this type of books. (Don't click on that link until you've finished reading this.  Also sorry.)

3.  It was also very meta, commenting on paranormal books in general especially on vampire books.

4.  This is very much a Team Jacob book.  Because the werewolves are hot and Pietr gets the girl.  Of course, there are no vampires but still.

5.  Jessica is a pretty great girl.  She is tough and sweet and can take care of herself.  She is also so sarcastic and funny which I love.  I love that her default is to make a joke because that's my default too. 

6.  I love Pietr.  I'm not one to go around falling in love with fictional characters, but I really like him.  He is never mean and moody like a lot of YA heroes are right now.  He is very cool and pretty open.  Also werewolf.

7.  Jessica has a lot of friends and she stays pretty close to them.  So much lately the heroine falls in love with the guy and then you never see her friends anymore.  Not with Jessica.  Her friend Amy is really a true friend and I was glad to see her stick around.

8.  I wasn't too sure about the subplot with Sarah.  I won't give that away, but it was odd.  I think I understood it, but at the same time I wanted to shake Jessica for remaining friends with her.  I hope that Sarah plays nice for the rest of the series thought I doubt it.

9.  I was not a fan of the Derek crush thing though it was nice to see Jessica have other interests.  I don't know, he just seemed like a jerk.

10. Jessica's family is too cool.  I liked her dad and that he took an interest in her and there were consequences for her actions.  There are so many absentee parents in books now.  I was glad to see a great dad.  Her sister was funny and annoying as little sisters are sometimes. 

11.  The Russian mafia subplot was interesting.  I'm not sure what was going on there, but at least it wasn't out of the blue.

12.  There were a whole lot of unanswered question at the end of this book.  Like of Lost portions and that is too many.  I was not happy that some things were just left open, but I guess the next book will answer some of them.

13. As a book it was pretty good though I was less than pleased with the ending.  I hate abrupt endings with a passion and normally this makes me hate the book.  It's a sign of how much I liked it that I still like this book.  I just wished it wasn't such a cliff-hanger.

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  1. No matter what I do, for some reason I just can not get into werewolves.

  2. Wonderful review you have written for this book. Even though I'm not in team Jacob I still want to give this a go. :) Great to hear that the parents in this book are great, that's indeed rare..

  3. Hmmm...I'm not much into the paranormal romance genre (admission: I haven't read Twilight!)

    I agree with what you said about cliff-hanger endings. They seem to be getting more common as just about everything is part of a series. I think, even in a series, each book should still stand on its own, not make you feel as if someone pulled the book away from you in the middle of the story!

    Glad you enjoyed it, though.


  4. Great review, I liked how you had 13 points! I look forward to reading this one, I'm on a werewolf kick and this sounds like just something I would enjoy!

  5. Glad you liked it. And thanks for letting me know it ends in a cliff hanger. I get really frustrated when a book ends that way, but if I start the book knowing that I'm better :)

  6. @Amanda - I think everyone has something they can't get into. Just one of those thing.

    @Nina - It is rare indeed.

    @Sue - I get so tired of cliffhangers but this was ok.

    @Kath - I hope you like it.

    @Jill - I know what you mean.

  7. Cute review! This is definitely something I would never pick up, but I'm glad to hear that it's very meta and genre-savvy, which is a saving grace in the burgeoning genre of paranormal romance. (Luckily, I've already sacrificed enough time to TVTropes today to stay away. :) )

  8. @Juju - Thanks!

    @Clare - TVTropes is such a time suck, but it is so awesome.


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