Monday, May 11, 2009

This Book Isn't Fat, It's Fabulous

Riley is living the fabulous life. She is extremely popular and can get any boy she wants. Of course, she is in love with her gorgeous best guy friend who does not return her feelings and the rest of her friends are sharks out for blood. But Riley is playing the game right until her future step-mother decides it would be good for her to go to fat camp. Now Riley is stuck at New Horizons where she doesn't feel she belongs. Because Riley isn't fat, she's fabulous.

Honestly, this is another book I picked up based on the title and cover. It was a cute quick read. It was a nice change to have the main character be a "queen bee" and not a size 2 and proud of it. Most of the book revolves around her feelings for her best friend and a new boy she meets at camp and her confusion over who she loves. The ending was a little too neat and sweet but the character changes were set up early and Riley is one fabulous character full of self-confidence and was a refreshing change for me.

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  1. There should be more books out there like this. Great review!


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