Friday, May 8, 2009

I So Don't Do Mysteries

Sherlock Holmes Baldwin, better know as Sherry, is living a decent life. Sure, her dad is about to marry The Ruler, one of the strictest teachers in a school and she just bash her crush's nose in with a door, but she's doing okay. Then her mother enlists her to help solve a mystery involving rhinos at a wildlife park. The only trouble is her mother is dead! So now Sherry is stuck with her mom's ghost, her reincarnated wren grandfather, and a big mess!

Honestly, I picked this up based on the title and the cover. It looked so cute and it was a very cute book. Written in short, choppy sentences in language like a teenager, Sherry was a typical pre-teen. She adapted to the situations with ease, was a very quicker thinker, and prioritized just like a kid. Normally, this isn't my kind of book because I always think the author is trying too hard, but the longer I read the easier it was to ignore that slang and descriptions that always strike me as too much. If sentences like "Major tragedy." doesn't bother you then this is a nice, quick read to give your brain a rest. I'll probably read the next book.

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