Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I love Meg Cabot, really I do.

I love Meg Cabot. I do, I really do. But there is something about half of her female characters that just make me crazy. Queen of Babble made me want to kill myself, but I powered through it because it's Meg Cabot and I love her. But I won't be reading anymore of that series. I just can't do it. It's just that a lot of her characters are so stupid. When a normal rational thinking person would be like Oh he likes me or Oh this is obviously what is happening, some of them are like What! I never saw that coming and overreact or whatever. But it's Meg Cabot and I love her so I'll read whatever you put in front of me.

I loved the Princess Diaries even though the middle books were a little mind numbing and Mia can be so oblivious. I loved All American Girl and the sequel a lot. I LOVED Avalon High so much that I read it twice. And the Mediator series was very good and different for Meg Cabot. I've read her adult "chick lit" novels and they are good although fairly standard. As for her stand-alones, I've read Teen Idol, How to be Popular, Pants of Fire, and Jinx. Teen Idol was my favorite out of all of these. My husband even became interested in the audio version on a trip one time! But the female lead is pretty much a standard Meg Cabot character in all of the books, not a lot of variation. But it's Meg Cabot and I love her.

By far my favorite books is the Heather Wells series. She is one of the best Meg Cabot characters. If you don't know, Heather Wells was a pop star (a la Tiffany or Debbie Gibson) whose mother stole all her money and left Heather to fend for herself. So she works as a residence house coordinator at New York College. Every book a murder happens in the dorm and Heather solves it. It's standard mystery format but Heather Wells is so funny and well written. She is in love with her landlord/former boyfriend's brother who is a P.I. and treats Heather like a big brother much to her frustration. She is also more real than a lot of characters I've read. She does not have the perfect body and likes to eat. This is one series that I really enjoy reading and always grab the latest book as soon as it comes out.

P.S. Meg Cabot, if for some reason you ever see this, I love you, I do, I really do.

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  1. Oh, I agree with you on most points. Some of her characters just tick me off sometimes. Have you read her 1-800 series? Fans of Mediator seem to really like that one as well, and the girl's not *as* flaky as some of the others.


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