Thursday, February 13, 2014

Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier (Ruby Red #3)

Picking up where Sapphire Blue left, Gwyneth is heartbroken after her last encounter with the Count. And when Gideon doesn't deny anything the Count said, she is determined to move on and not be a sad sack. But the Circle is moving closer to being closed and it is becoming apparent that the Count may not have the best intentions when it does. It's up Gwyneth and her best friend Leslie to figure out what will happen when the Circle is closed and put an end to the Count's plans.

Upfront let me just say that normally the insta-love thing bothers me. But somehow with Gwen and Gideon it doesn't. That may be because of the time travel thing. It feels like they've spend a lot of time together even though it's only been a few weeks. Still (spoiler) I feel like deciding to spend an eternity together is a bold choice from two teenagers that really just met. So I wasn't feeling that part of the ending too much. I also felt like it wrapped up pretty easily and that the shocking revelation wasn't as shocking as it was suppose to be. Usually it is a little more difficult than that. The really shocking thing was Gwen's parentage but then I guessed that in book two and I don't think it was really that much of a secret anyway. At least not to the reader.

Overall, I loved the book and the series. Gwen is the best sort of heroine, bold and feisty and not willing to be a doormat. Gideon turned out alright in the end and Leslie is truly the best friend in the world. I'm glad of how it all turned out and the ending was just right.

#1 Ruby Red
#2 Sapphire Blue

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