Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Because It Is My Blood by Gabrielle Zevin (Birthright #2)

Anya is released from Liberty and back at home. Only no school wants her with her criminal record, her ex-boyfriend's dad is still a threat and the turmoil in her father's company is having negative effects on the business. Anya doesn't know who to trust or where to turn.

I wonder when these books are suppose to be written relative to the time Anya is telling the story. It feels like these are her memoirs and she is much older when writing them. Because it is a certain detached feeling to the writing and Anya expresses her future feelings on occasion. It can't decide if this is distracting or not. I certainly enjoyed the book and I wish the third one was already out. Because Anya does something ground-breaking and something that will surely bring about repercussions at the end of this book and I'm curious to see what is going to happen.

I enjoy Win's character and I think he is a great match for Anya. Still I was glad to see Anya make the choice she does at the end. I think it was the right one for her. I was happy to see this book focus less on the romance like the first one did and more on Anya's mafia roots. I was doubly happy to get more back story on the illegalization of chocolate and caffeine. That was a sore point in the first book. The explanation makes some sense but still I don't know. Anyway. A willingness to suspend disbelief is sometimes the important part in reading a book. Anya gets to explore many aspects of chocolate and we get to see a little more of the world and how it works so that's a bonus.

All These Things I've Done

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