Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Priceless (Kick Keswick #2) by Marne Davis Kellogg

Kick Keswick is enjoying her retirement both from the auction house she previously worked in and from her life as the Shamrock Burglar, the world's best jewelry thief.  But when an impostor Shamrock Burglar begins to steal from wealthy ladies, Kick returns to the glamorous world of the rich and famous to clear her reputation.
She didn't know it, but time was up and she was out of the running.  She'd picked the wrong brand name to plagiarize and she wasn't ready for the big leagues anyway.  p.244
Another fun adventure with Kick Keswick!  This time she travel to Italy to find the impostor Shamrock Burglar and she does it with style, class, and a whole lot of jewels.  It's fun watching Kick work and how smooth she really is, despite the fact that she is often smug.  But the decadent life that she lives might make anyone smug, especially considering she is a great jewel thief .  She is an expert at manipulating situations and figuring out people.  The only thing is that I never feel like she is in any danger.  Of course, she is going to come through the whole thing ok, she is Kick Keswick, after all!

Hogwarts: Hide and Seek mini-challenge


  1. haha, you read so many books!! i'm envious of the time you are smart enough to make for reading! :)


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