Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Light (audio) by Rebecca Stead

This was different and I enjoyed it.  I enjoyed the alternating voices of Thea and Peter and how the story played out between the two of them.  I enjoyed the way the mystery was drawn out but not so much that I couldn't stand it.  And the fact that there is a mysterious world under the ice where people have lived a long time was different and I loved the concept.  I was reminded several times throughout the story of City of Ember, but without the dystopian concept and the frantic struggle for survival.  It didn't feel like there was any external danger to any of the characters.  Rather it was all about the internal struggle of Thea's people. 

I liked all of the characters and loved the dogs.  Both Peter and Thea are likable characters and they carry the story well.  The only character I was dissatisfied with was Thea's grandmother.  I felt like there was something more to her character.  And it also felt like part of the "fathers" storyline was dropped, like there was something missing to it.  But neither of those things was essential to the story and the book moved along at a good pace and had a satisfying conclusion.

7 hours, 6 minutes

David Ackroyd and Coleen Marlo are the narrators for Peter and Thea.  Though the book is in third person, the chapters alternates between the two main characters.  Both the readers do a fine job and I enjoyed listening to them.  David Ackroyd, in particular, had a nice voice and reminded me of the reader for some of the Richard Peck books I've listened to.  He has an old-fashioned voice, if you know what I mean. 

Hogwarts: Arithmancy
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  1. Sounds great! For a second I thought you said it was Dan Ackroyd.

  2. Inhave her other book, When You Reach Me, to read and I'm excited to start it because I've heard such great things about it.


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