Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Absolutely, Positively (e-book) by Heather Webber

Lucy Valentine has a lot of worries between her boyfriend's bad heart, her own fear of commitment, and her job finding lost loves.  Soon she is mixed up in a mystery involving a lost love with a criminal career and a missing neighbor.  Oh and a mysterious stranger literally throwing money around on the street.

There were 2 major mysteries and 1 minor going on in this book and, in the end, I had a bit of a Nancy Drew flashback because at least 2 out of 3 intersected in the end.  It's alright though.  I enjoy this little mysteries and it's fun seeing how Lucy can use her psychic finding objects abilities to find the answers.  There are some funny moments and I love Lucy and Sean together.  I'm glad these books didn't take too long for them to get together.  Sometimes I get tired of series taking forever to get the main characters together.  It's nice to see the characters moving forward and seeing some character growth.  Often, with cozy mysteries, everything is often left exactly the same.  And, with the introduction of new psychic healer character, I think that things are going to get even more interesting for Lucy Valentine.

Hogwarts: Hide and Seek Mini-challenge


  1. I bet I would love this. I adore little splashes of mystery.

    PS Thanks for your kind wishes :)


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