Friday, April 15, 2011

Lucy Rose: Here's the Thing about Me (audio) by Katy Kelly

Lucy Rose is an Original Thinker and a precocious eight-year.  She has recently moved to Washington, DC with her mother after  her parents separate.  She missed her dad in Ann Arbor and is worried that she won't like it in DC.  But she makes friends and convinces her teacher to let her take the class pet with hilarious results.

This was precious little book.  I can't say that I listen to anymore of the series since it is definitely an elementary level book.  My 4 year old seemed to like it alright.  Lucy Rose is a cute character and I liked her advice column grandmother and her grandfather.  They were a nice addition to the story especially with Lucy Rose "anonymously" asking her grandmother advice on things.  It was cute and I'd say that elementary school readers would enjoy them.

2 hours 21 minutes

Tara Sands is the narrator and she did a nice job of capturing the right tone for Lucy Rose and the rest of the characters.  She made the story fly by and I liked her voice. 

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