Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sleuthing Sundays - Nancy Drew 36, 37, 38

The Secret of the Golden Pavilion (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #36)
She hurried upstairs and from one of her suitcases took the magnifying glass which her father had given her for Christmas.  I twas a very fine one and Nancy called it her "Pride and Joy."  p.86
Nancy goes to Hawaiian! Given another intriguing mystery by a client of her father's, Nancy and her friends are on their way to Hawaii to solve a mystery of some mysterious Polynesian symbols as well as prove that people posing as grandchild of Mr. Drew's client's grandfather are fake.  (Yes, I know.)  Thankfully, the Emerson boys just happen to have travel plans to Hawaii so Ned is around to "help" Nancy out.  It's up to the girl detective to make everything right as well as uncover the plans of a notorious gang called the Double Scorps,  (Yes, I know.)  Can she do it?  Yes.  Because she is Nancy Drew.

The Clue in the Old Stagecoach (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #37)
"The only real detective among us is Nancy Drew, but we all go to her training school," Burt Eddleton spoke up with a grin.  p.154/155
Summary: Nancy is asked by an elderly woman to find her great-uncle's lost stagecoach to help out her failing town.

I've read 36 Nancy Drews so far this year and this one was my least favorite so far.  I'm not sure if it is the whole stagecoach thing that frankly didn't make much sense to me or the fact that Nancy and her friends are going on dates with boys other than Ned, Burt, and Dave.  They are at some sort of resort/camp thing and they're just hanging out with these guys.  Poor Ned!  You know he isn't going around dating or hanging out with any other girls.  Anyway, like I said I wasn't fond of the mystery that much.  It was a little blah although the resolution was not what I expected so there's that.

The Mystery of the Fire Dragon (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #38)
"A firecracker!" Bess repeated, thinking that mysteries for Nancy Drew had started in many unusual ways but never before with a giant firecracker.  p.9
Nancy ends up in Hong Kong after a case takes first to New York and then leads to Hong Kong.  She is looking for her aunt's missing neighbor who is Chinese.  Chi Che is missing with a suspcious  note left behind and it is up to the girl detective to find her. 

Nancy is speculator at solving cases even in foreign cities where she doesn't speak the language.  Thank God for her that the villains are really dumb and end up being people that have involved themselves with Nancy and her friends enough for her to remember them.  Though the gang in this mystery is really big which is unusual.  And international as well!  This case is a real notch under Nancy's belt!

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