Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Inside Job by Connie Willis

Rob runs a magazine that exposes psychic charlatans for what they are with his beautiful assistant Kildy.  When he comes across a psychic who seems to be channeling one of the best skeptics in history, he tries to discover the truth to this new spirit.
"The skeptic's first rule is 'Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.'  You've got do something extraordinary."  p.77
I always enjoy anything by Connie Willis and this is no exception.  At just under 100 pages, this is a fun and surprisingly informative novella about H.L. Mencken and psychic scams in general.  The first time I encountered anything written by Willis with psychics was in To Say Nothing of the Dog (highly recommended) and so this is a more undated look.  There is some character growth which is unusual in a novella and it is a funny book.  I love the characters and how they set out to disprove something that seems really real.  I liked all the background information and I learned about a U.S. law case that I hadn't heard of before.  So really it was a very enjoyable book.

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