Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Nancy Drew Drinking Game

As you may or may not know, I'm attempting to read the original 56 Nancy Drew Mystery Stories for the Nancy Drew Reading Challenge.  Because of this I've been inspired to invented a drinking game based on the girl detective's many adventures.


- when one of  Nancy's old or new cases is mentioned by title
- Nancy is mentioned as any one of these adjectives: young, slender, attractive, titian haired
- "girl detective" or "sleuth" is used
- it is an orphan, old person, a pair of siblings or poor person in trouble, two if they are any combination
- Nancy uses cunning to escape a bad situation
- Nancy gets a misdirecting note, telegraph, or phone call
- Nancy figures out that the note, telegraph, or phone call is misdirecting
- a phone call is cut off abruptly
- Nancy's car is mentioned
- Something happens to Nancy's car
- Nancy is law abiding despite the circumstances
- there is a car chase
- George punches someone
- Dave and Burt make an appearance
- Togo appears
- Nancy goes on a date during a mystery
- Nancy uses that date to do some further sleuthing
- police rely on Nancy to solve their case
- police complement Nancy's detective skills
- Mr. Drew allows Nancy to go on a trip provided she has a companion (Bess, George or Helen)
- George says "Hypers!"
- Nancy has a friend/relative that has never been mentioned and will never be mentioned again

Do a shot:

- someone is kidnapped, twice if it is someone other than Nancy
- someone is knocked unconscious, twice if it someone other than Nancy
- Ned is jealous
- Ned has a reason to be jealous, i.e. Nancy goes on a date with someone else
- Bess' weight is mentioned
- it is mentioned that George has a boy's name or haircut
- Dave and Burt have dialogue
- Nancy finds something of value hidden in a book/painting/or other object
- Nancy refused to tell the police about her case
- Ned makes some allusion to marrying Nancy
- Ned is romantic toward Nancy
- Nancy ignores romantic intentions


- Bess or George or Ned get to make a valuable contribution to the case by figuring out a clue or providing some information that Nancy somehow missed
- Mr. Drew's legal case and Nancy's case have the same solution, even though they started off unrelated
- Nancy receives a prize for solving a case


**Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for anything that happens if you play this game even if it throws off your sleuthing abilities.
Also if someone else has invented this already, let me know.**

**Also, also, if you have suggestions let me know those too.**


  1. Love it! Hilarious, Andrea!! And very creative. Too bad I didn't know about this game back in high school or college...


  2. @Juju - Haha, thanks!

    @Sue - I know, right?

  3. This is fantastic! I love it! :)


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