Thursday, November 14, 2013

Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard (Something Strange and Deadly #1)

Eleanor Fitt is one of the Philadelphia Fitts though they've fallen on hard times since her father lost his business and then died. Her mother is determined to marry her off to a rich husband in order to reclaim their wealth and standing. But the Dead are rising in Philadelphia controlled by a necromancer and Eleanor's brother is still missing. When one of the Dead gives Eleanor a letter from him, she knows that something has gone terribly wrong. So she turns to the Spirit-Hunters for help and finds herself dealing with unnatural forces.

First, let me say that I read this is in 2 separate reading times. I was reading it and then it was due back so I had to wait to check it out again. One of the hazardous of this is having a disjointed reading experience. I'll try not to reflect that in the review but just so you know. The other thing is that I expected this to be a zombie novel and it's kind of not really. There are dead rising, yes, but not of their own power (not all of them anyway) but under the power of a necromancer. It's a concept I don't mind but I wish it had been spelled out a bit more.

Eleanor is a pretty cool girl. She doesn't act like a girl from the 1800's, seeming much more modern than a girl of that era. And the language wasn't quite right either. But it was a fun book and I enjoyed it. I do like a main character with some gumption and sass and Eleanor had both to spare. She certainly didn't shy away from much. The romantic aspect was a bit meh for me. I did like how everything tied together though. But really it was pretty obvious who the necromancer was from early on since it really could be only one of two characters so I wasn't surprised. I did wonder how this was going to be a series but the ending was good enough to provide a unexpected way into a trilogy.

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