Thursday, June 23, 2011

Red Glove (The Curse Workers #2) by Holly Black

Cassel returns to his boarding school after discovering just what kind of curse work he is capable of and, after his mother works Lila, the girl he loves and consequently
can no longer have. When his brother is murdered Cassel becomes trapped between the FBI and the mob, both of whom want to use his talents for their own cause.

I have to say that Red Glove was as brilliant as White Cat, a book that I loved wholeheartedly.  Even as Cassel explains how to swindle a mark, I can't help but love him.  I feel sorry for him and I keep hoping he can just get out of this whole thing alive.  He is certainly not an innocent character but there is something about him that invites sympathy and I sincerely hope that he can get together with Lila and live a normal life.  I don't think that is possible but, you know, one can hope. 

I love the world of the curse workers that Black has built.  It is intriguing that, as one of the FBI agents says, if you know that you are a curse worker then you've already broken the law.  Because it is taboo to lay bare hands on someone else and it is illegal to work someone.  I love how just the sight of bare hands causes an extreme reaction in people.  It's almost like being naked and carrying a loaded weapon at the same time.

(highlight) ** I just wanted to say that I was kind of right about the chair.  In my review of White Cat, I questioned the chair, thinking maybe it was Cassel's dad.  I was wrong about that, but it was a person.  I feel alright about my detecting ability right now because I also was guessed it was Maura that killed her husband.**

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  1. I really like the sound of this book and that it's different. I think I will try the first book. Maybe I will adore it too. ;)


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