Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Betsy and Joe by Maud Hard Lovelace

Betsy is now a senior and she is ready for a great year.  The elusive Joe Willard is finally  interested in her and everything seems perfect for her senior year.  But Tony Markham has become interested in her as well and proud Joe does not like the competition especially since Betsy is unwillingly to hurt Tony's feelings.  Suddenly everything is not as perfect as it was suppose to be.
 It was getting difficult, though, to divide he time between Joe and Tony.  Balancing their claims, she felt sometimes like an acrobat on a tight rope.  p.142
The last high school book!  It was bittersweet to see Betsy and her friends graduate high school.  I am happy that they had a great year even if it didn't turn out like Betsy wanted.  I was frustrated by her inability to politely tell Tony that she preferred Joe.  I understand that they are good friends and she was trying to keep him from the "bad crowd" but I think she did it at the expense of Joe.  Also she did Joe a disservice by not explaining her reasons for going around with Tony.  He might have understood if she had tried to explain. 

I wasn't too keen on the football part of the story.  But I liked hearing about all the dances and the clothing.  It is interesting to read about how things were done in 1910.  And I wonder if they ever resolve the Carney/Larry subplot.  I guess I will find out in the next books. 

Hogwarts: 7 in a series

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