Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Rise of the Fire Tamer (The Wordwick Games #1) by Kailin Gow

Description from Goodreads:
After winning a contest for a popular game called Wordwick Games, five teens Gemma, Sparks, Rio, Kat, and Jack, are invited to stay at Wordwick Games inventor Henry Word's mysterious castle and play the newest level of Workwick Games. Little do they know, the castle is the doorway to a wondrous world call Anachronia where words can be used as weapons, power, and commodity. There is unrest in Anachronia, and if the five teens can follow the rules of Wordwick Games and prove to be the best player, one of them will be crowned Ruler of Anachronia.

The idea was a good one.  A group of teenagers winning an online game sends them to a mysterious castle where they get to play an unknown level that sends them to another world.  In this world, certain "ruler" words have literal power and there is a struggle going on between two factions.  So what the players do has real consequences.  I liked the idea.  I wasn't so keen on the actual book.  It felt like it needed more work, a little more editing or something.  In the end, I didn't care about the characters, the setting, or what happened.  I just wanted to finish it. 

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  1. It's always sad when you want to love a book, and it just falls flat.

  2. Thanks for your honesty. I hadn't heard of this one.

  3. @Buckeye Girl - I know... :(

    @Juju - You're welcome


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