Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sleuthing Sundays - Nancy Drew 24, 25

The Clue in the Old Album (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #24)

Mrs. Struthers smiled and said, "I see now why it was you, Nancy, who spotted the thief.  You are often written up in the papers for your cleverness in tracking down unscrupulous people.  p.5
This was Nancy's weirdest one yet.  She witnesses an elderly lady's purse get stolen and is drawn into a bigger mystery involving the lady's missing son-in-law and a missing doll that could help out her granddaughter.  The son-in-law is a Gypsy violinist and he has been missing for years.  Nancy is up to the job though.  The solution is weird though and seems out of order for a ND mystery.

A couple of observations:  Nancy never wants to give the police clues if they would interrupt her own investigation.  She only calls them when she has information for them that she wants them to know otherwise she keeps it to herself.  Meanwhile, she always expects them to give her all of their information.

Nancy throws her dad's name around an awful lot.  It's always "my father, Carson Drew" this and that.  But by now she has her own little reputation too.

The Ghost of Blackwood Hall  (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #25)
But she added with a smile, "Have a good time and put mystery out of that pretty head for tonight!"
"How could I?" Nancy laughed gaily. p.47
Nancy goes to New Orleans! (for like 2 chapters)  She is investigating a widow's stolen jewelry and that leads the girl detective into the world of ghosts, seances and charlatans.  There is also a mystery involving girls hiding money in trees.  Good thing our Nancy is up to the challenge.  I have to say I enjoyed this one but Nancy gets hit on the head and/or kidnapped a lot.  Also the widow was extremely annoying, doubting the skills of Nancy and being stupid in general.


  1. Oh I need to read some Nancy Drew books. :)

  2. Great reviews. Even though I've never read these I love reading your observations :)

  3. Purse thieves and gypsys (sp?) and widows, oh my!


    I haven't read these ones yet.... I'm reading them in order, (except when I'm not, lol) and I'm on like #14.

  4. @Nina - Still super fun

    @Juju - Heh, thanks!

    @Britt- You know how she likes the widows and orphans.

  5. Preferably the ones that just happen to come into a large fortune.... or have random missing relatives....


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