Friday, June 25, 2010

Angel Star

Teagan is an outcast at her school with only one friend.  But when the mysterious and beautiful Garreth starts at her school, she soon becomes wrapped in a fight between the celestial beings and learns she might be the only one to stand in a dark angel's way.
Twisting ever so slightly in my seat, I pretended to look at the bulletin board at the back of the class, and sure enough, those blue eyes were waiting for me.  p.17
Angels are the thing now which is good for me as I have always been fascinated by angels.  But the new YA paranormal romance fixation has lead to the angels being in love with their charges which is even creepier to me than a sparkly vampire in love with a girl he wants to kill, because I would hope that God's angels would be able to resist the temptations.  But maybe that's my own thing.  I digress.

I actually really liked Garreth, the angel in this story.  He is very sweet and pure (as an angel should be), but he has fallen for his charge, Teagan, who he has stayed with for 7 lifetimes.  But something dangerous has come in this lifetime and he asks permission to be with her and to warn her of the upcoming dangers and, of course, there is an irresistible something between them, etc.  I've read all that before, honestly.  Don't look for anything new in Garreth and Teagan's love story.  It's the bad guy that I'm interested in.  I like the dark angel aspect and what Teagan's destiny is though I got a little confused as to how all that works. I hope that is is more fully explained in the next book.

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Hogwarts: Charms


  1. For some reason angel books, like werewolf books, have never interested me. I guess I've been going through real paranormal fatique the last few months.

  2. @Amanda
    I am just looking for something different and it's hard to come by when everyone is writing the angel version of Twilight.

  3. But still not as creepy as werewolf pedophilia, yes?

    I'm steering clear of the angel trend, but I'm glad you at least enjoyed it.

  4. @Clare - no, not that creepy but close. It's just that angels are suppose to be, well, angelic.

    @Juju - Pretty good, yeah

  5. This sounds good - I will be checking it out - Thanks for the review!

  6. I haven't read a book about Angels yet, so I think I'll start here. Thanks for the great review :)

    And you've won an award over at my blog!

  7. This sounds like a fun read :)


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