Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Forgive My Fins

Lily is a mermaid living on land.  She has a huge crush on a boy in her school while she does nothing but fight with her next door neighbor, Quince.  But when a mistake lands Lily and Quince in deep water, she must figure out what really lies within her heart.
It goes against every instinct and mer law I've been taught since birth - to keep our secret from humans at any expense - but I really don't have a choice.  That kiss made this moment inevitable.  p.76 ARC
This is a fun summer read.  It is super fun and fluffy and light and would be a great beach read.  I'm not saying any of that to degrade it, but because that is simply what it is.  It's Meg Cabot with fins and I love Meg Cabot.  The main character, Lily, is the typical "too stupid to see the truth even when it is shoved down her throat" teenage girl that often shows up in these books.  I will say she is very funny and I liked the fishy terminology she throws around.  But she is very obtuse, only seeing what she wants to see.  I wanted to shake her.  But Quince, phew, that's a guy.  Am I right?  Man, he is a great love interest for her and I admire his patience and fortitude. 

I really like the mermaid aspect.  I'm a big mermaid fan.  And the mythology created is very good with some very nice details thrown in.  Lily has some great friends both under and over the water and that was a nice aspect of this book.  All in all, I'd say this is a great book if you are looking for something fun and frothy to read at the beach or by the pool.

ARC from Traveling ARC Tours
Hogwarts: Care of Magical Creatures


  1. Meg Cabot with fins sounds right on the money. I might skip this because I hate obtuse heroes sometimes, but it sounds exactly as advertised.

  2. This sounds cute! I'll have to remember this when I'm in the mood for a light read.

  3. FAB review. I really liked OMG and love merfolk so I can't wait to read this.

  4. I have been seeing this book a lot today.. It looks really good and I love the cover!

    If you liked this you should check out The Mermaid's Mirror. You can get an ecopy of it from NetGally You can either read it online or you can put it on a Nook, if you have something like that.. It was a really good book. I just put me review up a few days ago.

  5. @Clare - I agree.

    @Buckeye Girl - I hope you like it.

    @Juju - Thanks! :)

    @Trisha - I have that one on my list. I'll have to go look for it.


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