Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Wish (audio)

After writing a disastrous essay, Wilma is made fun of, then ignored.  Tired of being a nobody, she makes a wish to be the most popular girl at her school when she is granted one wish from a fairy godmother for a good deed.  Now everyone is school loves her and Wilma is very happy.  But once she realizes how specific her wish was, Wilma has to figure out how to extend her wish or lose her popularity forever.

Ariadne Meyers is the reader of this audio book.  I mention this first because she also read Meg Cabot's All American Girl series so it put me too much into the mindset of Meg Cabot.  She is a good reader and I enjoy her voice, but sometimes I associate a reader with a series and it's hard not to filter what I'm listening now to that series.  So The Wish actually comes off a little more Meg Cabot than it normally would have otherwise. (For my opinion on Meg Cabot, click here.)

That being said, I enjoyed The Wish.  It was very cute and had a good lesson at the end.  It was more contemporary than some of the other Levin books I've read.  Wilma was a good girl, but she writes an embarrassing essay that her teacher reads aloud thus subjecting Wilma to social Siberia.  But once she makes her wish, Wilma doesn't really change herself too much or act snotty or anything.  She continues being a nice girl, just more outgoing and confident, a refreshing main character.  So she makes "friends" with some of the other popular girl and enjoys her new status.  She was a little slow about realizing her mistake when she makes her wish, but other than that I have no complaints about this books.  It was just a very fun book.

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