Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me? The Final Confessions of Georgia Nicolson

If you've never read any of the other Georgia Nicolson books, then this isn't the place to start.  The last book in the series finds Georgia once again on the horns of dilemma and in the cakeshop of love.  Her Italian Luuurve God has walked off and she doesn't know what to do.  Add in Dave the Laugh and Georgia doesn't know what to do.

Much like the Princess Diaries, the Georgia Nicolson series went on just a tad too long.  Especially since in the last couple of books nothing really happens except Georgia just can't resist Dave the Laugh.  But this was a good end to a very funny series and  it does have a nice resolution that made me very happy.

I think that the dialogue in these books is so funny and hilarious and even though Georgia has a tendency to go on about things, she is so funny and the slang is so good.  I've even borrowed a lot of the language from her in everyday life.  For example, we call pajamas at my house "jimjams."  And my friends and I use "pally wally" and "nippy noodles" a lot.  So thanks Louise and thanks Georgia. You have added hilariousity to my life.

I had to read Heidi to Libby and Mr. Potato Head.  She never tires of tales of cheese.  I do.
The bit that makes her laugh the most is when the little crippled girl falls out of her wheelchair.
It's not right. p.70

Nor does the fact that she thinks just standing very still behind a small tree makes her invisible. p.194

Everyone is so bloody keen on me thinking all of a sudden.  It's not what I do. p.242

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