Thursday, October 29, 2009

Grim Tuesday (Keys to the Kingdom 2) (audio)

After defeating Mister Monday, Arthur expects 5 or 6 years of rest.  But soon he finds himself back in the House after the wily Grim Tuesday tries to use Arthur's family to obtain the First Key for himself.  So Arthur decides he had better defeat Grim Tuesday and put his world back to rights.  But to do that, he must face the Nothing of the Pit in the Lower Reaches and Grim Tuesday himself.

On the second day, there was darkness.

*highlight spoilers in white*

So the formula was set in Mister Monday and continues in Grim Tuesday.  Arthur must go into the House and find the Will that belongs to that Trustee and then defeat the Trustee to gain the Key of that part of the House.  And Suzy Turquoise Blue will show up and help at some point.  But the fun is in the details and they are so many awesome details. 

I noticed the hints and foreshadowing this time around, especially about Dame Primus and Arthur's nature in the House with the wielding of the Keys.  The introduction of the Mariner is very good and I love the literary references thrown in about him.  I did get a little tired of Arthur whining about going home, blah blah, only because I know he has to get all 7 Keys and there is no way around that.  But he acts very much like a 12 year old boy should and he is very brave and reliable and good.  And Suzy is a treat as always.  She comes through for Arthur and sticks with him and so is a very good friend.

Nix is an amazing world builder and it shows in the Keys to the Kingdom series.  I like how each part of the House is explored by Arthur so we learn more and more about the House.  And hints are dropped about the Architect and the Old One and their sons in Grim Tuesday.   But Lord Tuesday, much like Mister Monday, is sort of a throwaway villain.  He is not the real danger, but rather it is the mismanagement of the House and the breaking of the Trustees' promises and their failure to live up to the Will that is the true danger.  And I find that to be a very interesting concept especially regarding the mythology of the House and who I suspect Dame Primus to be.

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  1. At some point I'll get these read. Thanks for the reviews tho because it's reminding me that I should be suggesting them to my students more. I can see them appealing to many of them.


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