Friday, October 2, 2009

Wings - Vlog

So I'm trying my hand at vlogging.  I hope you enjoy it.  It's no Death Book Hour ;), but it's my first try so here ya go. (Sorry about the syncing.  I'm just happy to have it work in some fashion.)

The gist:I liked the book but it wasn't the greatest.  I liked the concept of the fairies and it was a refreshing idea that they are organic and not these fantastical magic creatures.  The writing was good, but my biggest complaint is the two characters of Laurel and Tam.  Laurel annoyed me with her idocity and I hated Tam.  He is like a fairy Edward in that he basically stalks her and expects to be in love with her.  He is a jerk though most of the book and yet she feels a pull toward him. *eyeroll*


  1. First off, I loved getting to see you and watch your vlog! You did really well. I don't think I could do a vlog review. I'd be way too nervous!

    As for the book, it was the writing the really didn't work for me. Too much telling, not enough showing. It felt like a solid draft. I wanted to take it and edited it and help it become something greater (I'm such a dork - I just have this compulsion to edit sometimes!), because you're right - it WAS a very unique idea about fairies. It had potential to be very great, and maybe the next two in the series will be better, but this one just failed for me.

    Actually, I liked Tam. I think the reason I liked him was it felt like Pike liked him and understood him more than the other characters. Laurel and David were so wishy washy and vague - especially Laurel - but Tam was solid and exactly himself. I suspect that Pike knew his character, had him solid in her mind, more than the others.

    Anyway, I could go on, but I already wrote my review of this months ago and I don't need to hijack your comments! Again, I'm so happy to see your vlog!

  2. Thanks! It's weird seeing people that you talk to on the internet sometimes.
    See (and I don't want to be mean) the fact that Stephenie Meyer endorses your book isn't saying a whole lot to the quality of writing. The story was solid but the writing didn't pull it forward enough.

  3. Honestly, I didn't take the endorsement very seriously. Maybe this isn't at all the case, but you're talking two Mormon authors who are writing for a national audience. Mormons are like a huge family and I would sort of expect one to endorse another. I know that's totally judgemental on my part, and for all I know that's not the case at all, but when I see things like that, I ignore them. Just like all the Mormons who wanted Mitt Romney for president and then claimed it had nothing ot do with the fact that he's Mormon, or those who wanted Brooke White to win a couple seasons back - it had nothing to do with her talent, but the fact that she was Mormon. There's an automatic bias for many Mormons.


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